Day Belt “Hip Safe”

1. How it works

  • Both practical and comfortable in its use, the belt goes everywhere with you.
  • In case of a fall, the 2 airbags activate and inflate on each side of the hip and provide and OPTIMAL PROTECTION of the hip before the wearer even hits the ground.

As it is our aim to help as many people as possible the belts can be purchased or rented in several sizes.

1. Fall detected

2. Airbags inflate

3. Hip and Femur protected

2. Strengths


Optimal Protection

The belt detects a fall and is ready to absorb more than 10 times the force of the impact compared to a traditional system of protection and means that fractures of the can be avoided.


100% automatic, rechargeable, reusable

Confortable to use

Light and flexible, the belt is worn at the hips and over clothing


Simple in its use, the belt will protect you wherever you are.

3. Technical details

Ergonomic & Attractive

A lot of sizes
Thin and flexible
Nylon protective cover

Long life battery

15 days of autonomy

Airbag Protection

2 side airbags
1 electronic fall detector

Simple to use

Washable cover

Since airbag technology is able to be used in any activity where there is physical risk attached, the development of personal protection systems is expected to increase.

4. Cost

The belt is available for either purchase or rental. For any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.